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About Me

•  1.1 Other GitHub repositories:

•  1.1.1 ESOUIMods:

•  1.1.2 TESnip-Skyrim-Edition

•  1.1.3 Elite Dangerous

•  1.1.4 Python Musings

•  1.1.5 010 Templates

•  1.2 Autobiography

•  1.2.1 Gaming History:

•  1.2.2 Interests and Hobbies:

•  1.2.3 Meaning of my name:

•  1.2.4 Notable quote

•  1.3 First TES5Dump Posts

1.1 - Other GitHub repositories:

In addition to the main projects I work on I have a few repositories for things of interest to me.


1.1.1 - ESOUIMods:

A collection of Elder Scrolls Online code and mods I have worked on or contributed to. The main contribution was my addition of filtering for Harvest Map by Shinni. Shinni was the original author and has continued working on the mod. While I haven't used it in a while, I believe the filtering is still there. In the early days having extra nodes for harvest nodes increased your loading time. The filtering allows you to ignore things you were not interested in for your character.


The second thing I added was a way to import data from other people so you could share it. This was done with a separate mod HarvestMerge. I do not know how people merge data these days. Maybe with an update it could be useful again.




1.1.2 - TESnip-Skyrim-Edition


While I would not want people to corrupt files and thus save games using this, I did find two volunteers to work on TESVSnip and try to improve it. Now either because of my requests or simply because it seemed like a lost cause the program was never improved enough for it to reliably work with Skyrim plugins. However, I keep this for historical reasons.




1.1.3 - Elite Dangerous

I prefer not to have favorites and I really have to work hard at it however, Elite is the game I adore the most. I have played every variation of the game. When Elite Dangerous came out I jumped at the chance to get the game and the Season Pass to get all the future content.


There is one project I tried to work on but just couldn't keep up with it. Tradedangerous allows you to report to a database the current in game information. Once you have it you can then plan out a trade route of what to buy and sell to make money in the game. I have been thinking of updating this because I would like to start playing again. However, if there is a newer tool then I may end up using that. EDMarketConnector is easier to use to track data prices. However, it does not have any function to help with trade routes.


Elite Dangerous


1.1.4 - Python Musings

My current collection of code snippets that I have collected. Some I made while trying to learn more Python and other things are forks of other projects.




1.1.5 - 010 Templates


While decoding save game headers for Wrye Bash I ended up modifying a 010 template. 010 by sweetscape in an interesting program. You can view a binary file but at the same time you can them add some formatting to what you find to see it better. Basically it allowed me to see save games and view their basic format.




1.2 - Autobiography

Eventually once I figure out how to do it I will have a separate Bio page but for now this will have to do.


My name is pronounced SHär-li-kran. I started working with BOSS on April 15 2012. While working with BOSS I was told there was no TES5Edit and nobody had been in touch with the author ElminsterAU. They also told me that I would never get the source code to the program because he guarded it as if he were the Troll in Three Billy Goats Gruff. However, with the help of people in the Skyrim community I was able to get a hold of Elminster and after asking for the Source code he gave it to me. He was not the evil troll others had made him out to be but a very kind individual and he was grateful there was someone willing to update TES5Edit. To this day he is very helpful and always answers my xEdit related questions.


Starting with my first Bethesda post in regards to TES5Dump on June 26 2012, then later about July of 2012 work on TES5Edit finally became a group project when Zilav started helping and was released about October of the same year. During that time there was quite a fuss over TESVSnip and it was removed from the Nexus because of its flaws. I tried to get volunteers to fix it but in the end none of the major issues were ever resolved and still remain unresolved to this day. Anyone using TESVSnip or FalloutSnip, should repent their sins.


These days I work on my own Bethesda mods, the various iterations of xEdit (TES5Edit, SSEEdit, FO4Edit, etc) and port record definitions to Wrye Bash/Flash. I very occasionally update the BOSS or LOOT masterlist. One way or another I work with devoted individuals on many different Bethesda related utilities all for the benefit of the players who enjoy Elder Scrolls and Fallout as much as I do.


1.2.1 - Gaming History:


I have tried Neverwinter, DDO, Warframe, EVE (hate this game), Elite Dangerous, but mostly played WOW. Aside from playing WOW and raiding for many years, my community involvement started with Bethesda games such as Morrowind, Fallout 3, FNV, FO4, Skyrim/SSE, and Oblivion. I don't think I could list every game I have played in the last 20 years. I don't have favorites and I can't explain why I have that philosophy. However, I did like Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and Leisure Suit Larry from the early days.


1.2.2 - Interests and Hobbies:


I have a family of 5 and I work with computers only. Tech support, Intel, and any computer based company I can get hired at. So I don't carve wood or work on cars. Because of my heavy computer and electronic background all of my five children play console and PC games also.


1.2.3 - Meaning of my name:


I have always had the name Sharlikran even back when I ran a BBS. I played D&D and it was an Elf Character from The Elves of Alfheim. When I was actively running my BBS, I attending a BBS party for Halloween and we were asked to be our handle. So I went as an Elf, in full garb, cape, and pole arm which was really the pole from my closet I hung my clothes on. I think my tunic was a bit too short and was a bit too realistic compared to the pictures I saw in D&D books as it didn't hide much. I can't remember the BBS name but it had the name Heart in it, Heartbeats maybe. I won the contest for dressing as my Handle, which was my D&D Elf character. I won a calculator that at the time was probably the coolest thing I could have gotten. Mainly because it had the ability to convert decimal to Hex.


1.2.4 - Notable quote


A notable quote is from the title of the second autobiography by Richard Feynman, "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" Which is the second of two books from the American physicist. The first being, "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" That book was introduced to me by ElminsterAU himself and will stick with me for the rest of my days.


1.3 - First TES5Dump Posts


Fourth TES5Dump Post

Third TES5Dump Post

Second TES5Dump Post

First TES5Dump Post